Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mark Asquith

    • How to start, grow and generate revenue from your podcast with a short straight talking podcasting
  • 2

    Tom Gaddis

    • How a seven figure entrepreneur became a podcaster by Tom Gaddis
  • 3

    Marc Gurbeti

    • How you help authors, speakers & business owners to launch, grow and monetize their podcasts' for our audience's better learning and experience by Marc Gurbeti
  • 4

    Zach Moreno

    • How SquadCast seeks to empower & connect creatives to engage in meaningful conversations without barriers and amplify collaboration by Zach Moreno
  • 5

    Joe Fier

    • How to smartly "growth hack" building a network, to build a loyal community, brand, and multiple monetization streams as a podcaster
  • 6

    Bijay Gautam

    • How to start & generate revenue from Podcast